Sigma Strategic Business Consult Limited (SigmaStrat) is a business strategy, project management and performance improvement consulting firm that serves as a key advisor to leading companies in West and East Africa. We provide our clients with unique solutions to their most pressing problems and offer unique insights into critical decision making. Solutions SigmaStrat provides include Lean Kaizen and Six Sigma aiming at effectiveness and efficiency. We are dedicated to helping companies and organizations improve their performance and achieve sustained profitable growth in the global market.

SigmaStrat has a widely spread footprint with a mobile, highly experienced team of technical specialists and performance improvement experts with impressive track records and over 100 years combined experience in various fields of business growth. Apart from corporate level strategy, SigmaStrat offers bespoke management training services, both online and classroom-based, and has tailored on-site sessions to meet specific corporate needs in suited environs. Each year, the majority of our business comes from clients with whom we worked in previous years, an indicator of our ability to achieve lasting results for our clients. Our client relationships are enduring, as many clients have remained partners for years. We measure our success by the remarkable results our clients achieve and by the depth of our sustained relationship with them.

Sigmastrat has its headquarters in Ghana and registered as Sigma Strategic Business Consult Limited (Reg. n-.¢a 89379)


Our mission is to ensure that through the best resources, the best educators and the best courses and programmes, trainees get the best learning, knowledge, skills , experience and exposure that allow them to become successful participants in a truly competitive global economy. it is our aim to tackle corporate performance improvement from the perspectives of people, technology and processes. fie pride ourselves in having a wide network of experienced trainers, coaches and specialists from a broad spectrum of backgrounds – public and private sector, local and international, who are professionally accredited and accomplished in their fields of specialization. our commitment to you is to be professional, flexible and deliver great value while maintaining high standards to ensure we deliver excellent services.


Our vision is to be recognized as the leading corporate performance management solution provider in Africa with a far reaching global presence. We will become the regional force working with the most respected establishment, regulatory and governing bodies to develop, encourage and enhance learning and promote improvement in all sectors of the corporate environment.


Since the beginning of the industrial age and into the information age, there have been mainly three things you could do to improve business performance. We facilitate corporate performance improvements, and design (redesign) architectures of organizations by helping to tackle the following areas:

  1. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT – Building the capacity and filling the competency gap within an organization’s team by improving their knowledge and skills which eventually affects their efficiency and efficacy
  2. TECHNOLOGY OPTIMIZATION – The effective use of technology to enable people and teams to execute critical work processes, communicate information, and share knowledge with all stakeholders
  3. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT – A systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. At the core of all improvement initiatives, what organizations really try to do (or should be trying to do) is make improvements in one of these three areas.

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