Put your money where your mouth is

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If you walked into a banking hall or mobile telecom service center today you would find exciting posters and purported valuable doohickeys which seek to depict excellence as their schtick. It’s not uncommon to find many businesses gussied up for the stage while they struggle behind the scenes to make a headway. I wrote about People, Technology and Processes in my previous article. This is my little attempt to waft the aroma of business excellence. I’d like to zoom in on processes today. You manage your suppliers, revenue, cash flows, inventory, distribution and personnel. Why would you not manage the processes that make sure all these things work together effectively? My compatriot Steve Ball puts it this way that Business Process Mapping is a satellite navigation system for your business. “Without it you probably will reach your destination,” he says. “But the journey will take you longer, you’ll find out there are a lot of dead ends out there, you will feel lost sometimes or worst of all (for the men) we might have to stop and ask someone for directions.” I am E Kweku Haizel. I bet you would rather go dear hunting looking at your target through the crosshairs of a Kalashnikov. Get in touch and let’s work this out together. At SigmaStrat we will be able to walk you and your organization through a CI journey that would propel you and your organization higher. http://www.sigmastrat.com