Training is not Learning

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Training is not learning. Learning is a process that occurs when an individual behavior changes and it happens over a period of time whilst training is an event that occurs to facilitate the learning process. Training is a small part of the learning organization which has the outcome of helping others to learn.
Very often many people do not know what is meant by performance improvement and training in an organization. Well, let me define it in the general terms for us to follow.
Performance improvement is the systematic process of discovering and analyzing important performance gaps, planning for future improvements in performance, designing and developing cost-effective and ethically justifiable interventions to close performance gaps, implementing the interventions, and evaluating the financial results.
From definition, we can see that performance improvement is in two (2) folds; discovering the gaps and planning a suitable learning system for it. Discovering the gaps deals with competency measure using forms and documentation supplied in class room training sessions, internal and external customers input and 360° appraisal and then measuring the technical knowledge of the product or service being offered by written evaluation, percentage of gain through training courses and self learning materials used.
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