Ways to talk up to your Boss

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Angry at work?

If you are here wanting to speak straight into your boss’s face for something niggling you, you may be committing series of blunders at the work place already. The good news is that these are not blunders, but acknowledging the fact that there is/are reason(s) you want to do just that. From your personal point of view some of the reasons could be that:

  • your effort is not recognized
  • you feel powerless
  • you believe the company/organization does not understand you
  • or your performance is not valued
  • So, if you are in any of the categories above, you may want to really talk up to your boss.

Ways to talk up to your Boss

  1. Do a self -reflection of the personal challenges above, particularly bullet 1,2 and 3 or more
  2. Ask yourself that if you were to employ someone in your own company exhibiting similar traits above, what could be your next line of action to improve performance.
  3. Have a candid informal engagement with your boss reiterating your difficulties above
  4. If you receive a cold reception…try 1, 2, 3 again
  5. If you still hit a rock, your last resort, after a dispassionate personal assessment, is to evaluate your values against that of your company, and take an informed decision.


At Sigmastrat we want to provoke ways to stimulate performance and productivity in your personal life and your time at work. The good news is that we are already testing such models at our offices, and you can do so too.  Do not hesitate to attend the next 2013 CPI West Africa Event in Accra to learn more.


By Benjamin Yaw Manu






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